Apart from harvesting bananas, the adorable brain gorillas are taking care of 3D, graphics, photography, illustrations, programming, sound design and video. 

One of the gorillas has been organised exclusively for answering your telephone calls 24/7. We love watching him around noon. He loves to rest. And that’s something we don’t want to grant him. So keep calling!! 

Cler & Klainer – Fishnets Music video
Cler & Klainer – Framed Music video
Julia Hanzl – In Dog We Trust Art Video
M.P. – Little By Little Music Video
Plastique Fashion Shortfilm
Fotzhobl – So wos von do Musikvideo
Bongsu Documentary
Im Studium 3D, Musik, Schnitt
Fluid Faith Editorial
Broken Short film
Ouranoupolis Forest Fire Documentary
2014 Showreel Agentur: Eat My DearKunde: Diverse
The Chic We make chicken walk!
Café Elektric Interior Design Kunde: Wien Energie
Fearleaders Editorial Kunde: Faux Fox
Vienna Capitals Overtime Graphics, Logo Kunde: Pfarrplatz Gastronomiebetriebs GmbH
Radio Superfly Illustration Kunde: Radio Superfly
Mayer am Pfarrplatz Design Folder & Website Kunde: Pfarrplatz Gastronomiebetriebs GmbH
One Love Editorial Kunde: Faux Fox
Hofmann Personal Design Agentur: FredmanskyKunde: Hofmann Personal
G-Spot Logodesign Kunde: G-Spot


Jörg Grubmüller (3D, Programming). During the day, this silverback's massive brain is connected to a huge computer, which gets beaten in chess all the time. Else this slightly smoke addicted gorilla does all kinds of crazy stuff: programming, vfx, animations. He's also responsible for the technical part of things. Last week he set the toilet on fire, so we're now trying to make him quit smoking.


Peter Grillmair (Photography and Management). This thin, loveable male is the founder and responsible for organisation, photography, concepts and a smooth production process. His awesome photo productions have rocked the photo biz lately. This male can be distinguished from the herd by his massive thighs, which have grown mainly due to his triathlon ambitions.


Benjamin Philippovich (3D, Animation). The youngest gorilla in the group is totally excited about everything that has to do with moving image. His truly stunning videos and compositings have attracted a lot of attention - just like his courtship songs in the evening. Let us know should you be interested!


Lukas Philippovich (illustration). This hairy and gentle gorilla rocks the illustration world. It's highly likely to meet him in the kitchen around noon when he's quickly ingesting a few bananas - thinking nobody is watching him. He's shyly inspecting the area, just to quickly get one of these great coffees. Category: crazy strong!


Binsar Pandjaitan (Camera, Cutter). This gentle gorilla has the amazing ability to focus on anything - no matter how fast it moves. He filmed Austrian formula one legend Gerhard Berger on the finish line during an extremely fast race. As one of the first gorillas ever. And everything was in focus. Incredible! Additionally this ambitious male is an expert in balancing steadicams and composing amazing imagery. And in eating as many bananas as possible.


Gregor Grkinic (Camera, Post, Production). The massive knowledge and experience of this gorilla lets its breast grow to double its size from time to time. Scientists from the University of Sydney have found a direct relationship between this phenomenon (BR.GR) and the ability to create particular innovative video productions: "We are certain that a direct interrelation exists", says Doc. Med. Mett. The ability of conceptual thinking is an additional asset to the entire flock.


Mathias Kollos (Sound Engineering). This fella was born in the jungle of Vorarlberg where he soon realised that for communication with other gorillas he needed more than just words. This young male was among the first gorillas ever seen who managed to record his compositions digitally. It's a fact that this Gorilla is still trying very hard to comprehend all functions of the coffee machine, it does however speak music fluently creating wonderful songs, sounds, jingles and effects.

Public Relations

Marie-Christine Kremser (PR, Accounting). This gorgeous gorilla female has quite an advantage when compared to the rest of the creative herd: she knows everything about numbers. When she was a baby, she already had a plan on how to sell her surplus of bananas. Networks and numbers are her world. Therefore she is of significant importance for the rest of the number-hating herd. If you want to see the gorilla live we advise blue Fanta as bait.